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OH, MY DARLING CLEMENTELLA is Theatricks 2007 Spring Touring Show

Clementella Cast

Cast for the traveling show OH, MY DARLING CLEMENTELLA

Project Theatre is at it again this spring, traveling around with Theatricks production of OH, MY DARLING CLEMENTELLA, a creatively written involvement drama that is visiting area schools right now.

OH, MY DARLING CLEMENTELLA is the western version of the classic story Cinderella as told by a traveling cowhand, and includes roping and cowboy boots.  This marks Project Theatre's 17th year in operation, and the second time Theatricks has traveled this show written by Webster Crocker and Karen Tooley.

Project Theatre is Theatricks educational outreach program that helps to bring the cultural arts to area schools for little or no money.  Last year alone, Project Theatre touched the lives of over 40,000 students.

Cast in this western tale is a good bunch of homeschoolers and their parents.  Kaylea Daubenspeck is cast as Clementella, the high spirited cowgirl wishing to attend the big square dance.  Clementella's stepmother Prudence is played by Madeleine Walker and is accompanied by her stepdaughters Rudy and Abnoxious played by Sarah Stell, Autumn Winegarden, and Chelsea Oliver.  The western version of the prince from Cinderella is Clint Eastwood played by David Stephens, and his mother Mrs. Eastwood played by Kristina Burns.  The narrator of the entire tale is Rangler Ron who is being portrayed by Webster Crocker and Susan Winegarden.

OH, MY DARLING CLEMENTELLA travels on Thursdays during regular school hours, and is only a 30 minute production that requires little stage space.  If you are interested in booking the traveling show to visit your school or to find out more information, contact Webster Crocker Theatricks Director at 903-893-8525 or visit our website at

Walmart Comes Through with a Community Grant for Project Theatre

Project Theatre, the Sherman Community Players educational outreach program which has been in existence since 1989, has received a very thankful boost of $2,000 in funding from the Sherman Walmart corporation through their community grant program.  This isn't the first time that Walmart has assisted in the Project Theatre program, but to date it is the most that they have given to SCP at one time.

Project Theatre touches the lives of over 40,000 students each year and has for well over five years now, and the means for making this all possible is through the generous funding of local foundations and corporations like the Smith Foundation, the Munson Foundation, the Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation, the Regensberger Foundation, the Sherman Council for the Arts and Humanities (SCAH), Texas Instruments, Chapman, Inc, and many individual donations. 

This year however, funds normally provided by the Sherman Independent School District through Region 10 that supported the Project Theatre program to participate at each of the Sherman elementary schools and at Dillingham for their theatre arts program had been eliminated.  This information hadn't been brought to the attention of SCP until this school year had already started, and Project Theatre had already been booked to attend the Sherman schools.  Webster Crocker Theatricks Director didn't want to miss visiting the Sherman schools because he knew that the students really look forward to it each year, so he decided to continue taking part with the Sherman schools and hope that he could find the funding later on.  Well, that funding has arrived through this Walmart grant.

"It is difficult each year finding funding for Project Theatre as corporations come and go,  foundations choose not to fund your program, or corporations say that they only give to United Way.  We are not a United Way organization, but feel that Project Theatre is a wonderful program that is a great benefit to this community, and has been proven so through the number of lives touched each year," states Webster Crocker.  "But when a corporation comes through like Walmart did, it makes all the hard work of finding the funding seem well worth the effort in the end.  Thank you!"

Supporting Cast Learns to Create Costumes From Goodwill Clothing

At the Supporting Cast's February meeting, members discussed ideas for Supporting Cast projects for next season, and elected a member, Elise Hebert, to serve as the treasurer for the group as they raise funds from the various fundraisers they have held.  Members were also updated on the members who have recently reached the honor of Master Thespian, Samantha Crocker, and those who are getting close, like Kaylea Daubenspeck.

Elizabeth McIntyre showed off her lobby display for THE SECRET GARDEN, and took pictures of Supporting Cast members to include in the display.

Costume Fatty

The Fat Man Costume (Best Character)

The highlight of the meeting was when members were divided into groups and given certain Goodwill items from which to create a costume.  Color, texture, and character personality were discussed as methods for designing costumes.  Each group then had about 30 minutes in which to create their costume using all or portions of each item for the final costume.

Judging the costumes were Greta Nall and Barbara Burditt.  Best Character was given to the group of Elise and Rachel Hebert, Harris Tooley, Chase Fowler, and Briana Wiese.  Neatest Costumes was given to the group of Lizzie Bosse, Amber Clay, Chelsea Oliver, Jordyn Bristow, and Elizabeth McIntyre.  Most Bizarre Costume was given to the group of Willy Stell, Austin Oliver, Tristan Wiese, Jordan Hancock, and Brittany Wood.  And the Most Creative was given to the group of Zeke Dolezalek, Kaylea Daubenspeck, Sarah Stell, Samantha Crocker, and Kathryn Hanson.  Congratulations!

The next Supporting Cast meeting will be Thursday, March 8 at 6 p.m. in the Honey McGee Playhouse.

Theatricks Announces the Cast For THE SECRET GARDEN

Theatricks is performing the classic story by Frances Hodgson Burnett THE SECRET GARDEN March 2,3,4,9,10,11 at the Honey McGee Playhouse to help celebrate the coming of spring.  This production is sponsored by St. Mary's School.

After two nights of auditions with over 60 people auditioning for the parts, Theatricks Director Webster Crocker has selected a cast of 19 to perform in THE SECRET GARDEN, and is already two weeks in rehearsals.  "It was a real tough audition for me because there were so many talented individuals who auditioned and so very few parts, that I even double cast some of the parts to give more opportunities for those talented individuals," states Webster Crocker.

THE SECRET GARDEN is a lovely story about love, friendship, and a garden.  Due to the death of her parents by the cholera epidemic in India Mary Lennox is sent away to live with her uncle at Misselthwaite Manor, a country estate in Yorkshire, England.  At first, Mary finds this place gloomy and lonely, but it holds a mystery to it that sparks Mary's curiosity and leads her to open doors that bring new life to the place and the people who live there.  The play version which Theatricks is using was originally adapted from the book by Thomas Olson for the Children's Theatre Company and School of Minneapolis, and has earned the following Twin Cities Drama Critics Circle "Kudos" Awards: outstanding play, outstanding playwright, outstanding director, outstanding scenic designer, outstanding costumes designer, and outstanding lighting designer.

Secert Garden Cast


Cast in Theatricks production of THE SECRET GARDEN is Ellie Margolis and Laura Burditt as Mary Lennox.  Mrs. Medlock the house keeper at Misselthwaite Manor is Nadene Dean who oversees the other servants Martha Sowerby played by Elizabeth McIntyre and Natalie Curtis, Betty Butterworth played by Amber Clay and Madeline Hayes, Josephine played by Elizabeth Bosse, and Regina played by Cynthia Reid who also plays Mary's mother Mrs. Lennox. 

The garden staff is headed up by Mark Beardsley as Ben Weatherstaff, and his crew of gardeners played by Susan and Autumn Winegarden who also play Indian servants.  Owner of Misselthwaite Manor and uncle to Mary is Archibald Craven played by Steven Mildward.  His son Colin Craven is played by Drew Crocker and Marshall Reid.  Archibald's brother Dr. Craven is portrayed by Boyd Highlander. 

Archibald's personal butler is Mr. Pitcher played by Larry Wall.  Dickon, the little nature boy, is played by Daniel Hebert.  Rounding out the cast are the two teasing girls Madeline Wells and Samantha McMillan who also help to bring the woodland animals to life on stage.

Assisting with the direction of THE SECRET GARDEN is Elise Hebert.  Lighting and sound will be done by Samantha Crocker, Jordan Hancock, and Sarah Stell.  Helping backstage will be Jordyn Bristow.  Costumes are being designed and created by Chase Fowler, Tammi Daubenspeck, Betty Harper, and Emily and Barbara Burditt.  The set was designed by Steven Mildward.

For more information about THE SECRET GARDEN visit Theatricks website or call Webster Crocker Theatricks Director at 903-893-8525.  THE SECRET GARDEN is part of Theatricks 2006-2007 season sponsored by Caskey Orthodontics.  The box office for tickets to THE SECRET GARDEN will open Monday, February 26 for Theatricks season members, and Tuesday, February 27 for the general public.

SCP and Austin College Share Resources

This spring it is hard to tell the difference between the boundaries of Austin College and SCP for they are both combining their efforts in the process of learning and teaching theatre.  Melissa Levine a senior at Austin College is performing a CSOC or a career study with SCP, and Webster Crocker Theatricks Director is teaching a Scene and Lighting Design class at Austin College.

"I have always felt that a community should share resources, and now it is coming true," remarks Webster Crocker.  SCP has had interns and students doing independent studies from Austin College in the past, and both have benefited from this relationship.  But this is the first time that an SCP representative has ventured on the Austin College campus to teach theatre there.  "It has been great to have this opportunity to open these lines of communication, and to work closely with these college students in the classroom as well as out of it," says Webster Crocker.

Melissa Levine

Austin College student Melissa Levine

Melissa Levine is getting her major in Business Administration and a minor in French at Austin College, and hopes to gain the experience needed to start her own theater after she graduates.  She will be spending most of her time with SCP helping them to come up with an advertising package for next season, plus assisting with other areas like box office, production elements, attending board meetings, and whatever else may come up.  Melissa was very active in her high school theatre department at Alief Kerr High School in Houston, TX.  "I am very excited about learning a tremendous amount and getting to interact with the Sherman community on a daily basis, " states Melissa.

Incorporated as the Sherman Community Players in 1950, this just shows why SCP thought to include community as part of its middle name, for this program exists to serve the community and help to make it a great place to live and learn.


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