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cast in costume

Pictured are Kaylea Daubenspeck, Katie Jane Brashier, Laura Burditt, Samantha Crocker, Gabriella Russell, Jordan Hancock, Elise Hebert, Katherine Ailshire, Steve Stell, Carrie Stell, Marty Burkart, and Willy Stell.

The Supporting Cast produces LITTLE WOMEN

Theatricks teen theater group (7th to 12th grade) known as The Supporting Cast is producing Theatricks Spring production of LITTLE WOMEN which performs February 24, 25, 26 and March 3, 4, 5, 2006. The Supporting Cast meets on the second Thursday of every month to learn first hand various theater elements which go into the production of every play, and this time they are responsible for all aspects involved with producing LITTLE WOMEN.

Assisting Theatricks Director Webster Crocker with the directing of LITTLE WOMEN is Chase Fowler an eighth grader at Piner Middle School.  Chase first got involved with Theatricks by participating in Theatricks workshop classes, and has starred in Theatricks productions of JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and JACK AND THE GIANT BEANSTALK.  This will be the first time that Chase has tried his hand at directing with Theatricks, but he likes to get together with his friends to write and direct plays on their own.

Make-up committee
Supporting Cast make up committee preparing makeup supplies for LITTLE WOMEN. Pictured are Melissa Mitchell, Kathryn Hanson, Samantha Crocker, and Kaylea Daubenspeck.

The rest of The Supporting Cast members have divided into production committees with one member acting as chairman for each committee.  Committees for LITTLE WOMEN are:


  • Chairman:  Elise Hebert and Samantha Crocker
  • Committee:  Melissa Mitchell, Nikki Snow, Katherine Ailshire, Megan McDonald, Kathryn Hanson, Jordyn Bristow

Set Construction

  • Chairman:  Jordan Hancock
  • Committee: Kaylea Daubenspeck, Sarah Stell, Zeke Dolezalek


  • Chairman:  Kaylea Daubenspeck and Melissa Mitchell
  • Committee:  Samantha CrockerKathryn Hanson


  • Chairman:  Kayla Farris and Taylor Nall
  • Committee:  Nikki Snow, Daniel Hebert


  • Chairman:  Jordyn Bristow
  • Committee:  Lizzie Bosse, Clelia Moreno, Samantha Crocker


  • Chairman:  Katherine Ailshire and Samantha Lawrence
  • Committee:  Zeke Dolezalek, Jordyn Bristow


  • Chairman:  Willy Stell
  • Committee:  Harris Tooley, Jordyn Bristow, Will Reynolds, Daniel Hebert, Kristina McDonald, Brianna Wiese


  • Chairman:  Sarah Stell
  • Committee:  Jordan Hancock, Elise Hebert


  • Chairman:  Gabriella Russell
  • Committee:  Tristan Wiese, Taylor Nall, Megan McDonald, Daniel Hebert


  • Chairman:  Megan McDonald
  • Committee:  Kristina McDonald, Christian McGowan, Derek George, Nikki Snow,
    Sarah Stell

The Supporting Cast was started by Theatricks Director Webster Crocker in 1993 and has grown in membership and involvement since. To find out more about The Supporting Cast or to get involved, contact Webster Crocker at (903) 893-8525 or email

Theatricks selects cast for

Theatricks next production LITTLE WOMEN, sponsored by Hillcrest Anesthesia, features 16 talented actors drawn from 80 hopefuls who auditioned for the popular show.

After eight-and-a-half hours of auditions, Theatricks director Webster Crocker struggled with the decision and finally decided to try something new. "I've double cast the four March girl parts," he says. The part of Mr. March also will be shared between two actors. "It was the most fair way for us to recognize the amount of talent that turned out for these auditions," says Crocker.

This classic tale by Louisa Mae Alcott has been adapted into a play script by Marisha Chamberlain, and highlights the love of a mother for her children, and they for her. Set in the March family house in New England in 1863, it depicts the lives of four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, as they await their father’s return from the Civil War.

Cast as the eldest daughter Meg are Jessica Highlander and Katherine Ailshire. Elise Hebert and Jordan Hancock share the role of Jo. Samantha Crocker and Kaylea Daubenspeck portray Beth, while the youngest girl Amy is played by Katie Jane Brashier and Laura Burditt.

The girls’ mother Marmee is played by Carrie Stell, and the part of the father is shared between Steve Stell and Artie Hancock. Marty Burkart plays Aunt March and Gabriela Russell plays the housekeeper Hannah. The neighbor Old Mr. Laurence is portrayed by Larry Wall while his grandson Laurie is Willy Stell. John Brooke, the boy’s tutor, is played by Mitchell Reid. Chase Fowler will serve as the assistant director.

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Theatricks selects cast for

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Scenes include how tomboy Jo sacrificed her glorious hair to help finance Marmee’s trip to Washington to join her dying husband. Smiles and laughter are included as Meg, Amy and Beth perform “The Christmas Play” written by Jo.

Performance dates are February 24, 25, 26, and March 3, 4 and 5. Matinee performances are on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 pm and Friday and Saturday evening performances at 7:00 pm. All performances take place at the Honey McGee Playhouse at 313 W. Mulberry Street in Sherman.

LITTLE WOMEN is the second production in the Theatricks’ 2005-2006 season, sponsored by Caskey Orthodontics. Watch for information about Winnie-The-Pooh later this year. For further information about SCP-Theatricks programs, call Webster Crocker at (903) 893-8525, or visit the Theatricks website at

set committee member
Willy Stell assembling the walls for the set of LITTLE WOMEN.

The SCP Box Office will open on Monday, February 20 from 10 to 2 p.m. for Theatricks Season Members only and on Tuesday, February 21 from 10 to 2 p.m. for the general public. To make reservations for LITTLE WOMEN, one can drop by the SCP Box Office located ant the Honey McGee Playhouse on 313 W. Mulberry Street in Sherman that week between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or calling the box office at (903) 892-8818 during those same hours.

Ticket prices for LITTLE WOMEN will be $8.00 for adults, $7.00 senior citizens, and $6.00 for students.

Tea with LITTLE WOMEN Cast

The cast of LITTLE WOMEN and the Theatricks Advisory Council would like to invite everyone to a tea party Saturday, February 25 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. at the Honey McGee Playhouse located at 313 W. Mulberry Street in Sherman.

There is no cost for this event and it will be a come and go affair unless you wish to stay and see the production of LITTLE WOMEN at 2 p.m. Tickets for the production can be purchased by calling the SCP Box Office beginning Monday , February 20 for season members and Tuesday, February 21 for the general public. The box office number is (903) 892-8818 and is open between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Refreshments for the tea party will be provided by the Der Sandwich Shop/Simply Irresistible and the Theatricks Advisory Council.

We hope you can attend!

Theatricks Spring Traveling Show CHICKEN LITTLE Hits the Road

The story of Chicken Little running around warning everyone of the "sky falling" is now a part of Theatricks touring performance and ready to come visit area schools to entertain teachers and students alike. CHICKEN LITTLE is part of Theatricks educational outreach program entitled Project Theatre which was formed in 1989 by Theatricks Director Webster Crocker to help area schools with their theater curriculum.

CHICKEN LITTLE boasts two casts who perform this 30 minute show. The morning cast consists of Elizabeth Geddis, Christian and Anna McGowan, and Drew Crocker. The afternoon cast consists of Sarah Stell, Bailey Page, Christina Burns, and Sheridan Scott.

The traveling show CHICKEN LITTLE performs on Thursdays during regular school hours and involves audience participation. To book the traveling show CHICKEN LITTLE to visit your school or to find out more about Project Theatre, contact Webster Crocker Theatricks Director at (903) 893-8525 or email at

The fee for the traveling show is $100.00 for the first show and $25.00 for the second show on the same day in the same location. If the school is 20 miles outside of Sherman, then a $15.00 gas mileage fee is added.

Theatricks Receives A Helping Hand From Austin College Student

This past January, SCP/Theatricks had a new face around the theater, Clelia Moreno. Clelia is a junior at Austin College, and she decided instead of going some place exotic for her January term that she would instead study locally at SCP.

Clelia is an international student from Monterrey, Mexico where her two younger sisters and parents live. At Austin College she is majoring in Communication Arts and Minoring in Music. She loves to sing and play the guitar, but her primary love is working with children of all ages. Her dream job is to have a Christian Arts Center.

Clelia Moreno
Clelia practicing painting techniques on the set for SHS’ GUYS AND DOLLS

Clelia has directed many plays at her home church in Mexico, many which she wrote. Last summer she wrote a musical play “Camino a Belen” (the road to Bethlehem) and presented it at Austin College with the kids of a Hispanic Baptist Church.

This January Clelia got the opportunity to direct Theatricks’ Spring Traveling Show, CHICKEN LITTLE, and design the music for Theatricks production of LITTLE WOMEN. “I really enjoyed doing my Jan-term with Theatricks, because I learned many of the technical stuff I was not familiar with,” states Clelia.

Theatricks wishes you the best of luck in your endeavors, Clelia, and return anytime you like!

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