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Sherlock Holmes

Supporting Cast


Supporting Cast show

Theatricks teen theatre arts group, the Supporting Cast (grades 6th through 12th), is once again working on their very own production, this time THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW, where they are in charge of all aspects of the production from casting, directing, acting, costumes, props, lights/sound, makeup, set, box office, advertising, everything.  THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW will perform next week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, January 25,26,27 at 7 p.m. in the Honey McGee Playhouse.  THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW is sponsored by Wise Funeral Home in Bonham, TX.

THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW is the first part part of the Narnia series by author C. S. Lewis with the play adaptation by Aurand Harris.  Young Digory and his friend Polly, using magic rings created by Digory's uncle, set forth on a series of magical adventures through mythical kingdoms and enchanted lands.  Seeking a healing apple for the boy's mother, the children awaken Queen Jadis from her enchanted sleep, unintentionally bringing her evil power into Narnia.

The three Supporting Cast members directing this production are Michael Gardner, Logan Shurtleff, and Lillian Gunnels with Stage Manager Sebastian Murden.  The cast consists of Luke Rostyne as Digory, Rachel Stephens as Polly, Noah Bell as Uncle Andrew, Allison Hill as Aunt Letty, Averie Attaway as Queen Jadis, and Nick Williams as Aslan.  Also cast in supporting characters are Charlotte Graham as Digory's mother and a servant to Jadis, Grant Dominick as Cabby and a servant to Jadis, Joshua Williams as a Policeman and servant to Jadis, Elijah Blevins as a Policeman and servant to Jadis, and Emie Shaw, Faith Horsley, Rebekah Bayless, and Abigail Blevins as Animals.

The Supporting Cast group was started in 1993 by Theatricks Director Webster Crocker as a hands-on learning theatre arts group that meets once a month to discuss and learn about the various elements that make up theatre.  By learning and assisting in local productions, members can earn points on 10 different elements of theatre, and once 50 points are earned the member is awarded the title of "Master Thespian" and their name is placed on a plaque displayed in the lobby of the Honey McGee Playhouse, home to the Theatricks and Supporting Cast program.

Ticket reservations for THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW can now be purchased online at www.theatricks.org, and are $5..

Location: Honey McGee Playhouse
313 W. Mulberry, Sherman, TX 75090