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Snoopy sings about his wonderful life as a dog.

Lucy & Linus

Lucy gives Linus 5 good reasons to give her the TV remote.

Charlie & the kite

Charlie Brown finally gets the kite up in the air.


The cast sings the song "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown."

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BFG show

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Leah Martin takes on the role of the Queen Mum in the BFG.



Queen of Sweden

Queen of Sweden receives a call from the Queen of England.

Queen of Sweden

Queen of Sweden receives a call from the Queen of England.


Theatricks Takes Aim At Second Show of the Season With ROBIN HOOD


Theatricks Director Webster Crocker has taken another arrow from his quiver and has set it free from its bow, as Theatricks begins rehearsals on their second show of the 2016-2017 season, ROBIN HOOD.  The arrow will hit its mark beginning Friday, March 3rd at 7 p.m. in the Honey McGee Playhouse, and continue on March 4,5,10,11,12.

The play ROBIN HOOD is being portrayed by a large cast of 46 actors from the local area.  This will be the second time this version of ROBIN HOOD written by Theatricks Director Webster Crocker will be done.  The last time was in the summer of 1998.

The story line not only retells the familiar legend that every child and their parents know, ”Robbing from the rich to give to the poor,” but also takes the audience member back in time to show how the legend got started in Robin’s youth.

Playing the title role is Nicholas Williams as the young Robin, and his older brother Joshua Williams as older Robin.  In the story we meet a young Maid Marian and Will Scarlett, portrayed by Camryn Adams and Sebastian Murden, as well as the older version played by Logan Shurtleff and Brenna Michaelsen.

When the play begins the audience is introduced to Robin’s father, Hugh Fitzooth, played by another Williams, Jacob, who is haunted by the passing of his wife played by Lillian Gunnels (the Fortune Teller too.)  Of course the play includes those familiar characters of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Benjamin Fuhr), Prince John (Nathan Childress), Robin’s band of Merry Men: Little John (Hunter Lovejoy), Friar Tuck (Brittani Crocker), Alan A Dale (Stephen Flood), Warrington (True Shaw), King Richard (Connor Horsley), and a host of Guards: Charley Becherer, Allison Hill, Kaiti Robertson, Starr Brown, and Gracey Bartlett.

Maybe some not so familiar characters are included too like Squire George Gamewell, Will’s father (Caera Flood), Tobias the tax collector (Colton Fisher), as well as a whole host of courtiers, peasants, and fair goers: Pauli Robertson, Laura Hill, Ela Sweetin, Elijah McMinn, Nicole Eskue, Isaac Gunnels, Jefferson Graham, Faith Horsley, JoJo Becherer, Charlotte Graham, Anabelle Graham, Emmeline Blevins, Abigail Blevins, Luke Rostyne, Averie Attaway, Emie Shaw, Ian Flood, William Fuhr, Benjamin Speed, Lydia Horsley, Aganes Gunnels, Luke Baca, Luke Harris, and Jackson Harris.

The cast is complemented by a whole host of volunteers who help to make the rest of the magic happen on stage through costumes, props, lighting and sound, complete with a live band of strolling musicians on stage.  So mark your calendars for March 3 through 12 in order to not miss this community driven show of ROBIN HOOD, it is sure to hit the “Bullseye!”

The boxoffice for ROBIN HOOD will open Monday, February 27 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. for Theatricks season members, and on Tuesday, February 28 for the general public. Tickets are $10 adults and $8 students.  Reservations can also be made beginning on those days by going online at www.theatricks.org.