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Cast List for SCP MUSIC MAN

SURPRISE!  We (the directors) decided to not hold call-backs, but to go ahead and cast the show!
We had 57 who turned out to audition, and we are grateful to all for your time and your talent! 
If your name is on the list below, CONGRATULATIONS, 
please let us know if you accept your part by e-mailing 
The first rehearsal (a general read-through) will be Monday, December 17th in the Finley Theater from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Scripts, schedules and all paperwork will take place during the first rehearsal.
We cannot wait to get this show up and running!
Your directors
Meredith Willson's The Music Man
Harold Hill   Eric Vest
Marian Paroo   Jennifer Becherer
Mrs. Paroo   Lisa Herbert
Winthrop Paroo / Boy Band   Zane Rostyne
Charlie Cowell   Scott Horsley
Marcellus Washburn / Newspaper Reader #2   Derek George
Ethel Toffelmier / Grecian Urn Performer   Amy Walton
Mayor George Shinn / Newspaper Reader #1   Les McConnell
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn   Chessica Moon Burton
Zaneeta Shinn / Wa Tan Ye   Sarah McGinn
Gracie Shinn / Wa Tan Ye   Samantha Stegman
Tommy Djilas / Newspaper Reader #3   Sebastian Murden
Olin Britt (Bass) / Salesmen #1/Man 1   Stephen Sloan
Mrs. Britt / Grecian Urn Performer   Heidi Scheibmeir
Eddie Britt / Dancer / Boy Band   Hayden Smith
Oliver Hix (Baritone) / Salesmen #2   Jake Hanes
Alma Hix / Grecian Urn Performer   Joann Kricher
Barney Hix / Dancer / Boy Band   Luke Rostyne
Jacey Squires (Tenor) / Salesmen #4/ Man 2   Connor Horsley
Mrs. Squires / Grecian Urn Performer   Laura Hill
Davey Squires / Boy Band   Bryton Starr
Ewart Dunlop (2nd Tenor) / Salesmen #3   Rafe McConnell
Maud Dunlop / Grecian Urn Performer   Allison Hill
Linus Dunlop / Boy Band   Brennan Burton
Amaryllis   Mattie Scheibmeir
River City Teen / Dancer / Wa Tan Ye   Faith Horsley
River City Teen / Dancer / Wa Tan Ye   Erica Romm
Farmers Wife / River City Teen / Dancer / Wa Tan Ye   Molly Brown
River City Teen / Dancer / Wa Tan Ye   Meagan Murden
Farmer / River City Teen / Dancer / Boy Band   Caleb Crocker
River City Teen / Dancer / Boy Band   Cayleb Roberts
Constable Locke / Salesmen #5   John Hill
Train Conductor   Steven Mildward