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Theatricks produces 3 shows a season, and to cast the show they hold open auditions (usually on two nights from 6 to 9 p.m.)  Anyone wishing to audition may do so, and no prior training is required.  Theatricks tries to cast the show as "age specific", meaning that if the play calls for an adult or a child, we use an adult or a child in that part.  Recommendations for very young children auditioning, are usually limited to age 9 and up, but sometimes we do cast younger if they can read by themselves at the audition.

There are two types of auditioning processes used: one for musicals and one for a straight play.  Musicals--the auditioner is required to come prepared with a minutes worth of a song to sing.  An accompanist or CD player is provided, or you can bring your own.  For both musical auditions and for straight play auditions, the auditioner is asked to read a character from a scene of the play, sometimes a little improvisation may also be asked of the auditioner.  Parents or friends attending with the auditioner may view the auditions, but if there isn't enough room, they may be asked to wait in the lobby.

Auditioners do not have to stay for the entire three hours or attend both nights of auditions, but once they feel that they are satisfied with their audition, then they may leave.  We try to give everyone a chance to read three times for us during the audition process, but because of attendance there may not be enough time to do so.  Auditioners can attend and audition at both nights of  auditions, if they like.  (Digital copies of the script can be obtained by contacting the Theatricks Director at director@theatricks.org.)

If cast in the play, rehearsals are usually four to five weeks meeting Monday through Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.  Performances are over two weekends for 6 to 10 performances.

 The upcoming show is JACK AND THE GIANT BEANSTALK.

I want to express again how very pleased I was with the turn out and the amount of talent that was evident both Monday and Wednesday night for auditions!  I mean it when I say, that I really wish I could cast all of you, but I am limited by the characters written in the script which are 18.  If you didn’t make it in this show, I encourage you to please come back again or help out with the production in some other way.  Thank you!

If your name is on the list below, CONGRATULATIONS!  Please e-mail me at director@theatricks.org to let me know you have seen this list and accept your part.  Our first rehearsal will be Monday, June 4 from 6 to 9 p.m.  Scripts, Schedules, Costume Measurements will all be done at that time.  Those interested in being on the crew, please come on Monday for a little while too.



Jack - Nicholas Williams
Jack’s Mother - Mary Foster
Jack the Father - Hunter Lovejoy
Lady Pomegranate - Laura Hill
Lady Plum - Becky McMinn
Peddler - Travis Lyons
Giant’s Wife - Charlene Lyons
Chicken - Averie Attaway
Harp Lady - Sarah McGinn
Young Steward - Liam Lyons
Ned - Drake Foster
Adelaid - Bekah Davis
Youngster 1 - Elijah McMinn
Youngster 2 - Cole Foster
Youngster 3 - Ilena Nichols
Youngster 4 - Emie Shaw
Sailor 1 - Avery Martin
Sailor 2 - Sebastian Murden