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CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN Auditions January 21 and 22


The Gilbreth Family:


Mr. Gilbreth - A large, jolly man, who frequently jokes and laughs. Mr. Gilbreth has a kind heart towards his children, but often gets fired up when they try his patience. He is very proud, specifically of his family and his accomplishments, and is devoted to efficiency in his family and work. (Adult)


Mrs. Gilbreth - Quiet, gracious, and gentle, Mrs. Gilbreth supports most of her husband’s ideas, but also keeps his feet on the ground. She often has to compromise fights between him and the children. She frequently helps Mr. Gilbreth, and is very practical. (Adult)


Anne - The oldest of the bunch; Anne can be hot-headed and defiant. (Age 17-18)


Ernestine - Anne’s “partner in crime”, Ernestine often supports Anne’s defiance, but is a little more practical. (Age 16-17)


Martha - Less temperamental than her sisters, Martha sometimes tries to discourage them from angering their father. (Age 14-16)


Frank - The oldest boy of the bunch. (Age 13-14)


Bill - Bill is funny, troublesome, and immature. (Age 11-13)


Lillian - Other than the babies, Lillian is the youngest girl of the family, but keeps up with her older sisters. (Age 9-11)


Fred - A typical boy his age. (Age 8-10)


Dan - Fred’s counterpart. (Age 7-9)


Jackie - Jackie is the youngest, but keeps up with his father’s lessons almost as well as his siblings. (Age 5-8)


Other Characters:


Mrs. Fitzgerald - The Gilbreth family servant, Mrs. Fitzgerald is a kind woman, but her patience is often tried by the children. (Adult)


Miss Brill - One of the teachers, Miss Brill is shrill, thin, and cross. (Adult)


Dr. Burton - Plain and outspoken, Burton is the Gilbreth’s family doctor and long-time friend. (Adult)


Joe Scales - Short, loud, and obnoxious, Joe is Anne’s first date, and a cheerleader at their highschool. (Age 15-18)


Larry - Anne’s second date, Larry is a polite, good looking, cleancut boy. (Age 15-18)